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What is
The Working Genius?

The Working Genius is Patrick Lencioni’s newest teamwork model, which helps people understand how they can contribute to work most effectively. This tool can help individuals, leaders and teams better leverage one another’s strengths and understand how to be both productive and fulfilled at work.

A Model for Getting Things Done

The Working Genius assessment is 20% personality and 80% productivity. People who understand their genius show up to work happier, are more effective, and play well with others.

The Six Types of Working Genius is a model and an assessment tool that allows anyone—CEOs, teachers,
factory supervisors, college students—to identify their gifts and limitations so they can maximize their
satisfaction and success in any kind of work they do. In thirty minutes, someone can radically alter their
day-to-day job fulfillment or even their career direction. What a difference that can make in a person’s life.


Jess and Matt Andersen

Certified WORKING GENIUS Facilitators


Schedule a Working
Genius Workshop

Patrick Lencioni Explains The Six Types of Working Genius

While the WORKING GENIUS model can be of great help for individuals, it is best processed and implemented as part of a TEAM.  As Certified WORKING GENIUS Facilitators, Jess and Matt Andersen have been trained and resourced by The Table Group with the tools to help your team on your WORKING GENIUS journey.

Whether in-person, (preferred) or on-line via Zoom, Jess and Matt can skillfully walk your team through the basics of the model, help process your individual assessments, create a TEAM MAP, and discuss the many implications of this transformative way of thinking about work.

Depending on how deep of a dive you want to take into the details of the model, Working Genius Sessions can range from 1 hour zoom to half-day or full-day seminars.  See our
Pricing Page or contact Jess and Matt by clicking the button below to find out more about which option is best for you.

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